Research in Purwodadi Botanical Garden

One of main tasks and functions that should be done by Purwodadi Botanical Garden is to conduct research on plants species in the dry lowland of Indonesia. This research focuses on wild species that are native in Indonesia, particularly those with high scientific and conservation value, and have promising prospects for sustainable development and use. In some cases, research is also carried out at the infraspecific level [below the species level], for example in research on the diversity of bananas, mangoes, and Dioscorea. In order to be more focused, the research activities at the Purwodadi Botanical Garden were organized through 2 research groups, namely the Conservation Department and the Domestic, Introduced, and Economic Botanical Department.

Research Facilities

Purwodadi Botanical Garden
Surabaya – Malang Road Km. 65
Purwodadi, Pasuruan
East Java 67163
Telp/WA. +62 8118612374
Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 07.00 to 15.30
Friday: 07.00 to 16.00
Weekend: Day Off
Operational Hours
Monday-Friday:07.00 to 16.00
Weekend: 06.30 to 17.00
National Holiday: 06.30 to 17.00


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