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Welcome to Purwodadi Botanical Garden

Plant Conservation Institution

Purwodadi Botanic Garden which is also known as Purwodadi Arid Climate Hortus  was founded on January 30, 1941, by Dr. L.G.M. Baas Becking. This garden is one of the 3 divisions of the Indonesian Botanic Garden.
We are located in the strategic location which is between two big cities in East Java (Malang and Surabaya). It will be easy to visit us with any transportation mode. It takes less than 2 hours driving from Surabaya or 15 minutes driving from Malang.
The 85 hectares botanical garden provides many collections for visitors such as orchid collections, banana collections, bamboo collections, and fern collections. We also have some thematic areas such as Aquatic park, Mexico park, and Bougainvillea park.


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Purwodadi Botanical Garden
Surabaya – Malang Road Km. 65
Purwodadi, Pasuruan
East Java 67163
Telp/WA. +62 8118612374
Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 07.00 to 15.30
Friday: 07.00 to 16.00
Weekend: Day Off
Operational Hours
Monday-Friday:07.00 to 16.00
Weekend: 06.30 to 17.00
National Holiday: 06.30 to 17.00


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