Management of Exploration Activity and Plant Collection

Conservation and Collection

The scope of work of BKT Kebun Raya Purwodadi – LIPI is to carry out the ex-situ conservation of dry lowland plants.

    1. implementation of dry lowland vegetation exploration;
    2. implementation of dry lowland plant collection management;
    3. conducting research and development of dry lowland plant conservation;
    4. implementation of services and information; and
    5. implementation of administrative and household affairs


The Purwodadi Botanical Garden Orchid Collection has located in 4 (four) Greenhouses. The location is in the south of the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens office building. An Orchid is a family of Orchidaceae.


The collection of bamboo plants at the Purwodadi Botanical Garden comes from Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, or foreign introductions such as China, Japan, and Thailand. Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae tribe. Most of the types of bamboo in the collection of Purwodadi Botanical Garden come from the Bambusa and Gigantochloa clans


The legume collection is divided into 3 subfamilies, including Mimosaceae, Caesalpinia, and Papilionaceae.


Purwodadi Botanic Garden’s fern Collection is located in Taman Paku. Purwodadi Botanic Garden has a very diverse collection of ferns. These types of ferns come from several genera such as Nephrolepis, Tectaria, Bolbitis, Lygodium, Pteris, Ctenitis, Davallia, Diplazium, Athyrium, and many more.


The banana collection at the Purwodadi Botanic Garden is located in region II, neighborhood VI, vak XXIV A-B-C-D-E. The specimens of the Purwodadi Botanic Garden banana collection were obtained from donations and exchanges with agencies/communities/individuals as well as an exploration into lowland areas or forests in Indonesia, especially the eastern part of Indonesia.

Medicine plants

The Medicinal Plants Collection is arranged in such a way as to serve as an attractive garden to be enjoyed. The location is in the Medicinal Plant Park.

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